In Motion Massage therapists:

Patty Smith

She received her certification and training at the Pennsylvania school of Massage Therapy.

For many years, Patty has been utilizing various philosophies of massage for clients with issues including musculoskeletal, sports related, stress, and pain problems.


Massage Session Fees

Minutes Fee

Massage therapy benefits:

In addition to pain reduction, massage therapy increases blood flow, encourages the elimination of toxins from the tissues, loosens muscle groups that may be placing strain on an injured area, and alleviates stress. Massage therapy is also a healthy adjunct to a regular exercise regimen. By reducing muscle soreness and improving mood, regularly scheduled massages help people to stick with and even exceed their fitness goals.

Our massage room, located next to the fitness desk, makes it easy to incorporate a soothing pre or post-workout massage as an additional motivation to get fit and stay fit.

You can schedule a thirty-minute, one-hour, or ninety-minute massage with one of our massage therapists by calling the fitness desk at (610) 518-9100, extension 2. Please plan on your first appointment taking an additional ten to fifteen minutes in order to include an initial consultation in order to provide the most customized and beneficial experience possible.

Gift Certificates available.

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